Through Their Eyes – Brandon Zeeb – Volume One

6 05 2009

dsc_0597PRISM is proud to introduce the first player diary entry from sophomore wide receiver for the Florida Atlantic Owls, Brandon Zeeb.  Redshirted in his first year at FAU in 2006, Zeeb is part of what the school’s official athletic website refers to as “a deep receiving corps,” and here describes the push to see his first significant playing time on the field during the 2009 season.

My main goal this off-season was to stay healthy. Last year, a sprained MCL the week before pre-spring training kept me out almost all of spring camp.

During the off-season, I was able to achieve that goal, and got a little bigger, stronger and faster as well.

I came into spring camp hoping to turn some heads and surprise some people.  I found out, however, that my eligibility was in question because of changing majors. This took all my motivation away from playing; my performance suffered during the first two weeks of spring practice as a result. I figured I wouldn’t be able to play in the fall, so I didn’t really care.

At the end of the second week, though, I found out  the whole eligibility problem was a mistake and I was no longer in jeopardy of being considered ineligible.  This changed my whole attitude and outlook toward football.  My performance in spring camp increased dramatically and I was finally able to perform at a level near what I generally expect of myself,  turning heads in the process.  Consequently, I hoped to put myself in a position to battle for playing time heading into fall.  And while I didn’t really do as well as I’d hoped, I did improve and got myself into the mix.

Right now, it looks like my best chance at seeing playing time (while the game is still meaningful, that is) is to play special teams. And really, I don’t mind; I know that someone has to do the small things and sacrifice for the team.

My main goal this summer is to get my weight up to 200 pounds. In order to that, I’m aiming to gain about two pounds every three weeks by completely changing around my diet.  I’m trying to do it the right way and gain healthy weight, so far the results are not coming, but it’s still early.




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