About Us

PRISM/freelantz is, put simply, the collaborative business effort of two up-and-coming sportswriters — Jason Roberts and Jessica Lantz.

Inspired to produce quality pieces of objective sports journalism in an Internet world dominated by  fan-fueled subjective opinions, Jason and Jessica paired up in early 2009 to form a sports media collective that works to achieve two things:

  1. Providing original articles which center themselves on a broad spectrum of subjects as it relates to this generation of readers of all forms of written sports media.
  2. Working toward a point where PRiSM/freelantz can serve as an altruistic body by which amateur writers with a flair for writing on the subject of sports could find a place to hone their skills as a potential means of one day becoming professional sports journalists.

Both Jason and Jessica serve as the representative heads of their own freelance writing teams; yet, after much discussion, each elected to join forces as a means of covering a broader section of the U.S. sports media market, particularly since Jason resides in Sarasota, Florida, while Jessica calls Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home.

At any point in time, the relationship existent between Jason and Jessica, and their corresponding institutions, remains fluid.  Sometimes, the writing process finds the two working together on pieces (some of which are published on this website) assigned, while at others, Jason and Jessica act as separate entities responsible for manufacturing articles independent of one another.

Each day brings exciting and new challenges for the PRISM/freelantz writing collective.  However, one thing remains constant:  both Jason and Jessica are driven by a desire to produce entertaining, yet informative instances of sports journalism, including pieces that go beyond mere readability for those that come into contact with them, but also speak deeply to their respective audiences.

In just four short months, PRISM/freelantz has already succeeded in expanding upon already existing relationships with numerous Internet-based sites, and is working constantly to establish new ones.  Capable of covering a large number of specialized sports subjects — high school recruiting, college football, college basketball, semi- and professional football and basketball, baseball, hockey, and golf, to name but a few — Jason and Jessica have had articles published by sites both small and large, ranging from National Athletic Testing Systems to Athlon Sports, CBS Sports and USAToday.

Recent growth has also provided the opportunity for PRISM/freelantz to report from a multitude of events live, with Jason (since this past January) having covered the Under Armour High School All-American Football Game and Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Camp, both in Orlando, Florida, the Under Armour Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, and combines held by NATS in Tampa, Florida.

Jessica, in the meantime, has provided pieces in covering a growing body of events, including most recently, the TCU Spring Football game and the Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Camp in Fort Worth, Texas.

PRiSM/freelantz is a growing collective and is currently accepting requests for new clients.  If your sports-related publication has a need for a one-stop shop for quality journalistic pieces, please do not hesitate to contact either Jason or Jessica directly by email, jason@prismfreelantz.org or jessica@prismfreelantz.org, or call Jason directly at 941-993-7481.


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