Through Their Eyes: Dylan Richter – Volume One

27 04 2009


What’s up everyone!

This is Dylan Richter from Chicago, Illinois-northwest suburbs to be exact- at approximately 1:36 AM Monday morning after an intense video game session. We are very serious Halo 3 gamers here at Wash U so if anyone wants to play that’s a shout out-get at us! (I’m kidding we’re all really bad, but we mess around and have a good time). So I’m finishing up my first year here at Washington University-IN ST. LOUIS, and it’s been a blast. Classes are tough, I’m not going to lie, but this semester is going pretty well-all I have to do is study for finals for about a week and half now and I’ll be all done-we’ll see how that goes.

Now onto the good stuff-the first year as a Wash U Bear on the basketball team was definitely a success. We won the University Athletic Association conference and ended up winning the Division III national championship for the 2nd year in a row in Salem, Virginia. It was a pretty crazy experience. We knew coming into the season we would have a target on our back and have to play teams at their best which is exactly what happened. We only finished with 2 losses but we played a lot of good teams this year. I had a great time with the guys on the team and there’s tons of stories I could tell ya but I’m going to wait until next year, so you’ll have to keep coming back to read them to see what happens!

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The Freshman Fifteen

13 04 2009

A freelantz contribution; written by Jessica Lantz

Many students dread the “Freshman Fifteen” when they pack up and head to college.

But for Dylan Richter, his “Freshman Fifteen” was a welcome addition.

Of course, we’re not talking here about the fifteen as measured in pounds by most incoming college students. Richter’s fifteen, instead, was measured in minutes played on the basketball court for Washington University in St. Louis.

Since arriving on campus last fall, Richter has become an integral participant off the bench for the Bears, playing in 26 games, averaging 5.7 points and 3.0 rebounds in 15.7 minutes per contest and shooting 56.1% from the field as a freshman. Those are numbers that almost any incoming player would be proud to have.

Achieving such numbers wasn’t easy. The first year of the collegiate experience can be a struggle for anyone, but just imagine adding in two hours of practice, four-to-five times a week, voluntary work outs before or after class, Thursday travel days and taking make-up exams while traveling on the team bus.

And that’s doesn’t even cover the pranks from the upperclassmen that Richter has fallen victim to – and is excited about pulling when it is deemed his turn to do so.

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2009 NCAA Women’s Basketball Regional – Oklahoma City – Photo Journal

29 03 2009

A freelantz submission; all photographs property of PRISM/freelantz

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2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament – South Region – Elite 8 Preview

28 03 2009

Written by Jessica Lantz and Jason Roberts

Site: Memphis
Tip-off: Sunday

This is the matchup that the South Region has been yearning for since bracket pairings were released. All four classes are represented well, with each team boasting stars in their own right; freshman of the year Willie Warren can dazzle, sophomore Blake Griffin can beat you up, junior Ty Lawson can run right by you and senior Tyler Hansbrough can score from anywhere he desires. A contest that has the potential to show the world a glimpse of next year’s NBA rookies going up against their toughest collegiate challenge yet, this game should be entertaining and perhaps the best of all those comprising the Elite 8.

No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 1 North Carolina

Key Matchup: The key matchup in a clash of the best the ACC and Big 12 have to offer? Easy — a tale of two forwards, with the Tar Heels putting Tyler Hansbrough up against what will likely be the toughest player he’s faced defensively all year — the Sooners’ Blake Griffin. Hansbrough was solid Friday night vs. a completely outpaced Gonzaga squad, with the senior putting up a 24 points and 10 rebounds. The outing was the best Hansbrough’s shown to this point in the NCAA Tournament, and leaves us believing he’ll only become more dominant the closer UNC gets to playing for a national championship. Meanwhile, Oklahoma’s big man and player of the year, Griffin, dominated a usually vivacious Syracuse unit Friday, putting up 30 points and 14 rebounds. Said Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, “He’s as good in around the basket as anybody. … He’s as good around the basket as anybody that I’ve seen.” Still, Griffin is but one player on the Oklahoma roster; in that sense, Hansbrough has the advantage, knowing that as he goes, so too does not the Tar Heels. Griffin, on the other hand, is central for the Sooners, and if stopped by Hansbrough, injured or placed in foul trouble early, the Oklahoma Sooners very well could find their run in the 2009 NCAA Tournament cut just short of the Final Four. Read the rest of this entry »

NCAA Basketball Tournament-South Region-Sweet 16 Preview

23 03 2009

By Jessica Lantz and Jason Roberts
RotoWire College Basketball Writers

Site: Memphis Tip-off: Friday
The South region has played out just as the bracket setters seeded it, with the first two rounds uneventfully leaving the regional semifinals pitting No. 1 against No. 4 and No. 2 against No. 3. Sure, there was no shortage of exciting moments in the earlier rounds, instances that included wrestling flips, a toe being tested, a last-second shot and a barrage of threes to continue the winning ways of a supposedly tired team. But, then again, isn’t that what March is all about?

No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Syracuse

Key Matchup: Other than the general pairing of frontcourt vs. backcourt, the individual matchup to watch will be the Orangemen’s Jonny Flynn vs. OU’s Austin Johnson and Willie Warren. Flynn has hit his stride at just the right time of the year and looks to be a formidable foe for whomever Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel counters with. Flynn’s post-season averages, including the Big East tournament, weigh in at 17.6 points on 45.8-percent shooting and 8.5 rebounds per game. A senior, Johnson looks to be whom Capel is leaning toward to start for the Sooners, especially given Johnson’s experience in this kind of matchup. Still, Johnson has a tendency to get rattled and make mistakes despite his seniority; if this happens in Friday’s game, Capel might have to switch his plans and gamble a bit on the freshman Warren.

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2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament – South Region Preview

15 03 2009

By Jessica Lantz and Jason Roberts
RotoWire College Basketball Writers


Best First-Round Matchup: No. 11 Temple vs. No. 6 Arizona State

In their last meeting, Nov. 30, 2004, Arizona State squeaked out a 65-62 win over the Temple Owls. The faces, of course, have all changed, with the 2009 squads including Arizona State’s sophomore guard James Harden (20.8 ppg) and the Owls’ own superstar senior at guard, Dionte Christmas (19.2 ppg). Given the caliber of these two players alone, this game should be more than worthy to watch. Still, the fact remains that both Harden and Christmas have good supporting casts, making this contest more than just a battle of two guards and their respective teams’ fight to remain alive in the tournament. The Sun Devils will slow the pace if allowed, but if Christmas and the Owls can keep their tempo high and fluster Arizona State, the game ought to become much more intriguing than some might expect. Keep in mind that Christmas tends to thrive in big-game situations; as such, playing against a potential next-year NBA player in Harden could be just the motivation he needs to get Temple a first-round victory and a second-round match-up against the Syracuse-Stephen F. Austin winner. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Big 12 Basketball Tournament – Photo Journal

11 03 2009

A freelantz submission. All photographs property of PRISM/freelantz

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