Florida Atlantic – Football – 2009 Spring Game Review

20 04 2009

dsc_03503A PRISM contribution; written by Jason Roberts

It was a bit strange driving onto the campus of Florida Atlantic for the first time ever yesterday, seeking out the Tom Oxley Athletic Center with intentions of covering the Owls in their last spring scrimmage for 2009 . . .

To say I got lost on such a small campus is a bit of an embarrassment, yet remains the truth. I could only wish there would have been a more pronounced showing of Spring Game signs with arrows that didn’t point strangely toward a large parking lot filled with, best as I could tell, the parents of high school track meet participants filling the air with the alluring smells of barbecue and other grilled fancies while a loud-speaker blared a countless combination of numbers yielding some much-desired raffled-off door prizes.

Fortunately, that was the extent of my complaints for this pleasant sunny and warm Saturday afternoon.

Considering I had just a week before gotten swallowed up with the expansiveness of Raymond James Stadium and the South Florida Bulls, to arrive finally at the FAU football practice fields only to be buzzed by the sounds of a far-too-close-for-comfort private airport landing strip was a bit unnerving.  Still, from the first time my foot stepped out of my car and hit the pavement outside of a small, but impressive athletic center, I got the sense that I was part of something special.

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Florida Atlantic – Football – 2009 Spring Game – Photo Journal

20 04 2009

A PRISM contribution; all photos original works by Jason Roberts

Photos may not be used without permission

Additional images are available by contacting jason@prismfreelantz.org

The following is a sample of the photographic work done at the 2009 Florida Atlantic spring game on Saturday, April 18th.


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