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19 05 2009

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Here you will also find the ‘Player Perspective’ journal for Dylan Richter of Washington University in St. Louis.

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Social Networking – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

18 04 2009

A freelantz contribution; written by Jessica Lantz

Since social networking on the internet has become commonplace, more and more student and professional athletes are finding that the content they post can reap rewards or sow consequences. And, lately there has been proof of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

Jarron Gilbert’s YouTube video, according to USAToday, apparently has the ability to raise his draft stock. The video of the 6’5″, 288 lb. defensive lineman must be a montage of some great football highlights right? No-it shows Gilbert leaping out of a swimming pool. This suggests that even the small things that make their way to the internet can make a big impact.

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How to be a Savvy Social Networker

18 04 2009

A freelantz contribution; written by Jessica Lantz

Being socially connected has become a relatively easy thing to achieve in the days of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the like. But, there are right ways to go about keeping in contact with acquaintances, friends and relatives that will ensure the information you and others post about you online portrays you in the best light possible.

Be yourself!

Make sure that everything you post is true and accurate, as coaches, teachers, employers and schools will have the possibility to access things that you post online. If you fabricate your background, people will know. And these fabrications could tarnish your character and cause people to doubt your honesty and sincerity.

Be sure content is appropriate for anyone to read – even parents!

Talking about the latest hook-up or party, posting negative comments about people, using foul language or posting inappropriate pictures can also lead to a bad reputation. This could be considered a major character flaw when people come across this information. Just because you might not be Facebook friends with your mother, that doesn’t mean you might not be Facebook friends with her best friend’s daughter or son. Use common sense and think before you type.

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West Virginia Bill Seeks to Require Athletic Directors for Schools

18 04 2009

A PRISM contribution; written by Jason Roberts

The Charleston Daily Mail of West Virginia reveals recently that the state legislature is currently reviewing a bill introduced by Brady Paxton, D-Putnam, of the House of Representatives and Bob Plymale, D-Wayne, in the Senate calling for the state’s high schools to be required to hire athletic directors in order to maintain secondary education sports programs.

The legislation, notes the Daily Mail, seeks to require every high school in the state with 13 or more varsity sports to hire a full-time representative at the position of athletic director, while institutions with 12 or less would be mandated to bring a part-time director on board. At this point in time, the article states that “only about a dozen full-time athletic directors” are currently employed by schools in West Virginia.

Hoping to address an expectation which currently encourages school administrators already stretched thin with issues relating to academic performance and matters of discipline to double as the managing party for their respective school’s athletic programs, the bill has gained strong support from many local boards of education. The legislation faces what the Daily Mail refers to as “an uphill battle,” however, given that the move to require athletic directors in the state’s high schools would come at a cost nearing $6 million.

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The Freshman Fifteen

13 04 2009

A freelantz contribution; written by Jessica Lantz

Many students dread the “Freshman Fifteen” when they pack up and head to college.

But for Dylan Richter, his “Freshman Fifteen” was a welcome addition.

Of course, we’re not talking here about the fifteen as measured in pounds by most incoming college students. Richter’s fifteen, instead, was measured in minutes played on the basketball court for Washington University in St. Louis.

Since arriving on campus last fall, Richter has become an integral participant off the bench for the Bears, playing in 26 games, averaging 5.7 points and 3.0 rebounds in 15.7 minutes per contest and shooting 56.1% from the field as a freshman. Those are numbers that almost any incoming player would be proud to have.

Achieving such numbers wasn’t easy. The first year of the collegiate experience can be a struggle for anyone, but just imagine adding in two hours of practice, four-to-five times a week, voluntary work outs before or after class, Thursday travel days and taking make-up exams while traveling on the team bus.

And that’s doesn’t even cover the pranks from the upperclassmen that Richter has fallen victim to – and is excited about pulling when it is deemed his turn to do so.

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New Dog, Old Tricks – USC and the “Silent” Verbal Commitment

10 04 2009

A PRISM contribution; written by Jason Roberts

University of Southern California head coach Pete Carroll has come up with a unique, yet simple way to counter moves by other programs like UCLA, Arizona State, and Notre Dame, who, in the past, heavily targeted recruits that announced early commitments to the Trojans football program.

uscRather than immediately announcing a decision to verbally commit to USC, Carroll is apparently instructing many of his high-caliber recruits to “remain silent for awhile,” such that the Trojans’ recruiting efforts are allowed to continue without harassment while other programs — this year, for instance, the Texas Longhorns, Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida, Louisiana State, and Michigan — vie for the national spotlight with what Matt Hinton describes as “unprecedented early efforts” in snatching up a large number of verbal commitments.

The move toward keeping quiet, Hinton writes in an article for Yahoo! Sports, isn’t exactly a new ploy; Florida State, he notes, for instance, was well-known for utilizing a similar approach in the nineties in which early year disappointments in landing highly-touted players generally ended up yielding a “top of the rankings” class on National Signing Day.

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Sports Betting Lottery Considered in Delaware

9 04 2009

A freelantz contribution; written by Jessica Lantz

The Associated Press reports on Thursday, March 26th that Governor Jack Markell and the state of Delaware are giving consideration to the use of a sports betting lottery as a means of acquiring additional funds in tough economic times.Go to fullsize image

In doing so, Delaware would be drawing upon a federal exemption dating back to the 1970s which cites the state as the only one of its kind east of the Mississippi River currently not held to the standards established by a 1992 federal law banning betting on sports of any kind.

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