Through Their Eyes – Brandon Zeeb – Volume One

6 05 2009

dsc_0597PRISM is proud to introduce the first player diary entry from sophomore wide receiver for the Florida Atlantic Owls, Brandon Zeeb.  Redshirted in his first year at FAU in 2006, Zeeb is part of what the school’s official athletic website refers to as “a deep receiving corps,” and here describes the push to see his first significant playing time on the field during the 2009 season.

My main goal this off-season was to stay healthy. Last year, a sprained MCL the week before pre-spring training kept me out almost all of spring camp.

During the off-season, I was able to achieve that goal, and got a little bigger, stronger and faster as well.

I came into spring camp hoping to turn some heads and surprise some people.  I found out, however, that my eligibility was in question because of changing majors. This took all my motivation away from playing; my performance suffered during the first two weeks of spring practice as a result. I figured I wouldn’t be able to play in the fall, so I didn’t really care.

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Through Their Eyes – Chandler Carr – Volume Two

30 04 2009

Chandler Carr, quarterback for Bolles High School (Jacksonville, Florida), takes time in his second-entry to catch us up on his experience at a Nike skills camp held this past week at Florida State University.


After a tiring 17 hour day traveling to the Athens, Ga., Elite 11 on Friday, it was time to head to Tallahassee in order to attend the Nike Training Camp  at Florida State University on Sunday.

I was really looking forward to the camp because it was much closer to Jacksonville, (only a 2 ½ hour ride) and I was going with two friends, quarterbacks Trenton Parete from Bishop Kenny High School, and Kevin Payment, from Creekside High School.

The first thing we did when we got to FSU was to check in inside the Moore Athletic Center. You couldn’t miss the two National Championship trophies behind the front desk. They took us back in an area near the weight room and measured and weighed us. I tipped the scales at 201, which is good as I have been working really hard to get my playing weight above 200 for my upcoming senior year. We also got a chance to pass through the football weight and locker rooms and they were really nice.

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Through Their Eyes – Chandler Carr – Volume One

30 04 2009

chan-at-elite-11-athens-005In the initial entry from Bolles High School (Jacksonville, Florida) quarterback, Chandler Carr, we read his insights on attending his second Elite 11 Regional Quarterback Camp, this time at the University of Georgia.

This was my second Elite 11.  As I had attended one in Orlando earlier this year, so this time I knew what to expect.

I’ve been to the University of Florida campus and Vanderbilt, so it was kind of cool to see another one of the big time SEC schools.  Some of the Georgia players were finishing their workouts and I was hoping to see Shaun Chappas, who is the starting fullback at Georgia.  He is from my high school, Bolles, and I was in 8th grade when he graduated from Bolles.  Unfortunately he was in New York attending the NFL draft with Matt Stafford, who is a good friend of his, so I didn’t get a chance to see him.

Some of the things that I like and don’t like about camps like this and combines, as well as some of my thoughts:

  • It’s kind of funny how some kids spend time talking about how good their high school teams are and like to run smack about what their team would do to your team.  I’m not really into that, but if they keep on, I just ask them how many state championships they’ve won and that usually shuts them up.

Through Their Eyes: Dylan Richter – Volume One

27 04 2009


What’s up everyone!

This is Dylan Richter from Chicago, Illinois-northwest suburbs to be exact- at approximately 1:36 AM Monday morning after an intense video game session. We are very serious Halo 3 gamers here at Wash U so if anyone wants to play that’s a shout out-get at us! (I’m kidding we’re all really bad, but we mess around and have a good time). So I’m finishing up my first year here at Washington University-IN ST. LOUIS, and it’s been a blast. Classes are tough, I’m not going to lie, but this semester is going pretty well-all I have to do is study for finals for about a week and half now and I’ll be all done-we’ll see how that goes.

Now onto the good stuff-the first year as a Wash U Bear on the basketball team was definitely a success. We won the University Athletic Association conference and ended up winning the Division III national championship for the 2nd year in a row in Salem, Virginia. It was a pretty crazy experience. We knew coming into the season we would have a target on our back and have to play teams at their best which is exactly what happened. We only finished with 2 losses but we played a lot of good teams this year. I had a great time with the guys on the team and there’s tons of stories I could tell ya but I’m going to wait until next year, so you’ll have to keep coming back to read them to see what happens!

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