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Freelantz is Jessica Lantz, a supporting member and writer, who has been instrumental in getting us off the ground.

me2I was raised in Big 8/Big 12 country and taught very aptly to be an avid sports fan. 

My uncle, Jon Lantz, was a former high school and college football coach in Oklahoma and Missouri who added to my love of the game.  On a personal note,  I have included a story link regarding his life, both on and off the field, that I feel shows him as a man of character and integrity, who possessed a love for God, family and sport- and I feel that by seeing this side of my family, you can garner knowledge regarding the characters and values of all of the Lantz’s-myself included.  (

My father’s infinite wisdom of Stratomatic baseball, Intellevision football, and recreational softball, volleyball and golf also helped mold me into the fanatic I claim to be today. I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK and went to college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater during the days of Desmond Mason, Doug Gottlieb, Josh and Matt Holiday and the 12-0 win over OU.

I moved to Boston post-college, where I was immediately taken by the allure of attending professional sports events, not just Friday Night Lights and Cowboys games or watching the Denver Broncos on Sundays. I was introduced to Fenway Park the month I moved and I have been in love with Wally ever since, even feeling like I played a small part in breaking ‘the curse’. My Beantown love also includes the C’s, the B’s, the Pats, the Revs, the PawSox and any other New England schools and organizations that I was lucky enough to cheer for in the neighborhood bar.

I recently moved back to Oklahoma City and am enjoying rooting for the recently acquired OKC Thunder and watching my beloved Cowboys on a more frequent basis. My sports addiction is not limited to the ‘Big 3’ of professional sports, as I follow all things college and almost anything that ESPN sees fit to cover-even the spelling bee. Other than watching sports, I enjoy my working on my amateur-almost remedial-golf status, reading murder books and playing the part of songbird.

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