From Bill Carr, father of Chandler Carr, quarterback, Bolles High School:

Dear Jason,

I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to cover and write about the Elite 11 QB competition in Orlando.  My son is Chandler Carr and was one of the young men that you wrote about in the article.  I can’t thank you enough for recognizing him as a player who stood out there.  He has worked very hard, but has been under the radar compared to many of the other QB’s that were there and have received far more attention. My belief is that he is as good as many of the other QB’s who have gotten more publicity, but I realize being his Dad, I am not very objective.  That was what made your article that much more meaningful.

I have been surprised at how many colleges have taken notice of what you have written and I think it has motivated Chandler to continue to work hard. He will probably attend one more Elite 11 in Athens, Ga. later this month, as well as a Nike camp in Tallahassee, and we are hopeful that he will have an opportunity to gain some recognition there as well.  I believe Bolles has quite a few talented players this year and should have a great season and if I can help provide any information on any of those players, I would be happy to.

Again, I just wanted to thank you and really appreciate your efforts.

Bill Carr


From Dylan Richter-Featured in “The Freshman Fifteen”:


Its awesome-I love it.  I think its a really great portrayal of the season, the team and my experience this year.  Thank you for taking the time and writing it and letting me be a part of it.  Heres a good picture I think would be good for it.

Thanks again,


From Laurie Richter, profiled in “Laurie Richter and the Art of College Recruitment”:

Jessica and Jason

Keep up the great writing.  Your work is informative and engaging. 

As someone who is committed to making the college recruiting process more manageable and less stressful for recruits and their parents, I have often been disheartened to see that so many recruiting articles are only focused on how an individual program may or may not benefit from the players they recruit.  The commoditization of student-athletes is an injustice to our kids.  Your articles recognize that behind each of these kids is a story and their personal trials and tribulations have many layers that we can all learn from.

I am one fan who appreciates your in-depth coverage.  Best of luck with your new website.

Laurie Richter



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